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Since the advent of the Internet era, computers have remained vulnerable to various nuances. Buying a notebook isn’t an end in itself. The troubleshooting that goes around with it can squeeze the life out of the users. Here at Dell desktop support, we work 24/7 to bring forth state of art technical support for our customers.

Bluetooth Connectivity Issues

Bluetooth is a low-energy, short-range wireless communication standard that’s best suited for linking together small peripherals. The most common problem that persists with the Bluetooth devices are the pairing woes that render the communication between old and new devices useless. Does your Bluetooth device not function properly? Does your smartphone not pair properly with your notebook? Do recurring dropped connections persist? .

Printing Is Too Slow

Every home and office employs different kinds of printers for the day to day jobs. However, the disparities that run along with so many printer types can lead to a heap of brand specific issues. The most common of them run as follows. Printing is too slow, ink or toner costs too much, the printer treats a brand new cartridge as an empty one, the printer doesn’t print wirelessly. Our skillful technicians take care of all these problems for you.

Setting Up Antiviruses and Anti-spywares

Your priced data runs the risk of being corrupted from various kinds of viruses and Trojans that enter the work environments through various loopholes. With the inclusion of internet as a norm for every device, the risk of being infected has significantly amped up in the past decade. Application viruses spread through your applications. Macro viruses spread through your documents and files. Script viruses written in high level languages are activated on running infected script files. Help technical support helps you curb all these insecurities and threats. Our technicians help you in setting up antiviruses and anti-spywares to ensure a seamless experience.

Real Time Tech Solution

Call us on out toll free number 1-855-887-0097 to avail the support of our technicians. You can also contact us through email or you can opt for a real time chat session. Besides the aforementioned services, we also provide assistance in setting up your usual applications such as Microsoft office and Adobe Photoshop. The technicians access your computer remotely and guide you step by step to ensure the proper functioning of your systems.